Why we broke up 004

Hello guys, I’m B, perhaps older than sundry of you, once a wife… a mother and most notably not happy at all! My life is boring possibly expended irritating married men to divorce their wives for me. That’s why I’m here to share the secret that led to my separation for the problem with secrets, unlike mystery, they love company.

A truck driver had called 911, said I had fallen asleep. I was from picking up my two sons at the nanny’s after work. I was drunk, meaning that was the work. So apparently, I pulled over, fell asleep while the engine was running. Mayson, my son, ran down the street to wave down help that led my husband filing for divorce and custody the next day.

“I hope you divorced his ass”….. (Assemblage)

It’s not him I’m mad at, it’s me. I’m a drunk mother and I have to live with what my kids think about me for the rest of my life.

Today is supposed to be my one year anniversary… (Applause) and I’m doing ok. I look my steps, I see my two sons twice a week (supervised visits) although they are still upset and hate me right now but I get it for I’m ashamed of what I did. It’s tough, I’m their mother but they can’t even look me in the eye and sometimes  it makes me wanna shake them, yell or just do something so that they… see, if you ask me, I would wish for a second chance to make things right.

Anyway, nobody knows where they might end up. Thank you!

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