Why We broke up #002

Hello, my name is A, mid-twenties, academe loafer, a mom a…n…d ever since the division committing suicide has hit my mind severally.

Yea, I did lie sometimes, most times, I guess but deep, deep down, I still loved him. Like there’s this one time I cheated on him with my best friend (yeah, my best friend was male). We was high on drugs playing Truth or Dare, one thing led to another and before we realised, I was on my worst walk of shame to my unpretentious bedsitter. It took a heck of an acting not to raise suspension.

But no, that’s not the cause of the space out. It was much shoddier, I ƒ∩⊃Κ∃Рup! Forbidden berry was saccharine, in fact got syrupy with time until it befitted a wont and before buzzes could scope my partner, it was too late. I was two week pregnant and my best friend who also happened to be my classmate was the father. Damn! I’ve messed my life to higher extents but girl, I didn’t see this coming.

He was good at it, the styles, positions, you can name them but he ruined my future. I lost a working man for a student and my scholarship too. The dad is a dead bit and in his final year while I’m here seated in an emotional social group sharing one of my most embarrassing desolation to you guys.

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Yesterday’s Imprints February 19, 2019 at 2:20 pm

Pole, let it not stop you. Go on with life! Get up and walk with your head held up high.

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