She spins the bottle, it makes several orbits among the five of us and then slower and slower stuttering on the floor as if deciding who among us to point. Then it happens, slow at the same time sudden, points at me, it’s my turn, I pick “trut”,, so I have to state what I remember about her, or else…

Well, I remember we fell in love while she was still in love. It was the forbidden kind. He didn’t treat her better when she deserved better. We were hundreds of kilometers apart when I made it official. It was 8pm, my dad was busy on opera mini from the reflection of his big strong lens glasses, my mom and sisters on the other hand glued to their favorite seats near the television watching their ‘mouthwatering’ soap opera that I think had many commercial breaks than the content and my small brother had his fingers on the game pad playing FIFA on my laptop. Everyone seemed happy and I was too, but thinking of her made me happier, then is when I decided to announce my love to her.

“I thought of it keenly, and yes, I admit that I love you and I’m ready to take this long journey with you. I really don’t know and don’t care where it will lead us but at least I know where it starts,” then clicked send.

I still have her reply, starred in my email.

I remember I couldn’t wait to see her afterwards so that I could echo the same words in a certified approach. A date to a clandestine location, her desired playlist on the background gently frolicking as we enjoy the startling dinner while we get to know each other more. She was mine and so did I want the public to know, I wanted them to appreciate her charming smirk, accolade her svelte silhouette, perceive her shrill voice and conclude how lucky a guy I was.

But guess what, it didn’t happen! Instead she took me to watch a Manchester derby. She knew I’m a united fan even before I told her and most importantly she knew for this to work, she will have to appreciate what I liked and likewise. She did that extra from the ordinary and I think this is one of the reasons I still remember her.

I remember she cared too much that it tickled my sense of guilt,

“Hey beb, where are you? What are you doing? Have you eaten? Do you love me? Would you like me to prepare you dinner tonight? How was your day? How much do you need? What are you thinking of? Would you like to come over?” The litany is endless

And I was happy to answer them because I had someone apart from God and family that cared for my well-being. Anyway she was family.

I remember her endless love, she made my skin tingle each time I thought of her, she was the one and only object of all affections that consumed my thoughts, desire even agenda! She made my heart race, my body ache and cloud all judgement .

I remember all the fun moments, in fact everything about her was fun, and everything we did was fun from cooking, the long showers , nature walks, photos and fucking (I remember we broke the bed once)

Wait, why don’t I have any bad moment?

Oh! I remember,

We were almost hitting that one year mark then came “BEB, WE NEED TO TALK! WHO THE FUCK IS SHE?”

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Joseph Orabu June 29, 2018 at 9:54 pm

I can imagine in her mind after you broke up. …All the compliments, sentiments, regrets,….

This is really interesting OJ, 90 percent of it was true and I could picture it, 10 percent hio sijui. …..

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