Time will tell


As the clock ticks, my thoughts take me down the memory lane – red ticks on white pages, blue  skirts cross my mind, well sharpened HB pencils waiting to pen “Ndoto ya jinamizi” stand out, the golden school bell strategically positioned persistently lingers in my mind. My legs wobble, my body shakes, not because of the cold but this time I’m in awe. How fast has time flied and such days washed down?

Comfortably seated on the wall, the clock says its 12:00 a.m. yet no sleep seems to come my way. I have no sleep. Where is the sleep that used to keep my eyes heavy and shut back in the days? Am full of energy at this time. Why did I not exert all my energy back in the days? Well, the energy I exerted was enough to take me to the university; a coveted paradise. I must have had  bigger dreams but can  I  term  myself  as  a  failure?

As I commence enumerating my expectations, one  question  constantly  rings  in  my  mind, could this be the best I would have been? What if I could have exerted myself more, would

I have landed a better opportunity in life? This reminds me of my younger brother who constantly keeps reminding me that everyone’s life is well represented in a graph that is already drawn. Why can’t someone in a way alter with their graphs? Erase a line or curve and draw it in a much better way?

This reminds me of something known as time, a key determinant of one’s graph. Tomorrow’s success is determined by today’s hard work, smartness and by how well one chose to use their time.

Prayer is an eraser of poor graph. The beginning might have been poor with faint graphs but life still has a lot in store, there is still room for improvement. Time is a good friend it permits us to pursue our dreams until we achieve them. My eyes begin  to  feel  heavy, at least I may now sleep  in  peace  knowing  that  I  have  an  alter  ego  called  time, let it draw my new graph and heal my sorrows. I take a look at my watch, it’s already 3:00 A.M. Three more hours to dawn. There is still more time. When the day breaks, I will alter my graph even though it may take some time.




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