Things I can never leave without

A few days ago, I sat on my bed thinking to myself. It was half past midnight and you can tell the nature of environment: freaking silent apart from the breaking branches of trees and the hooting of owls. The winder was rather smooth and I got a chance to dive calmly into thoughts I thought I should share. All which revealed to my senses were things I could hardly live without:

1. God. When I joined campus, I was lucky to have a father who could priorities a Bible before anything else. I knew this would supplement many things and hence create and impact in terms of my relationship with God. As a source of encouragement, I learnt I could hardly be swerved off by evil spirits and always gave me a prompt to seek God’s guidance and Revelation. All through campus, I have had minimal challenges for I have learnt to bond my trust and faith in Him above. Without His mighty deeds, I wonder whether life would smile back at me, and besides, it’s only in God that you can seek and find guidance and Refuge.

2. Love.

They say love builds bridges even in places no man can visit. Ooh, yes. That’s for a fact if you understand what I mean. Everyone has feelings and emotions, but how poor of us to live in solidarity without love? It doesn’t matter what kind of love but in my view, the kind of accepting and tolerating people into your life brightens and opens up your mind. I know I can hate to the last soil that dies in the grave but what do I lose than gain more in loving? By the way, Love is for free and demands no cost or pay. Come, let’s share my love if you lack. 

3. Friends.

If I were the Queen of England, I would enjoy the smells of my room, and people’s handshakes, and put myself in the midst of beggars and sorcerers. Because, the time I would spend most of my life would see the servants and slaves in my house who added more burden of sympathy in my heart. A few friends do me great harm when I’m left alone. At times, I wonder if I would make it in my world of fantasies, thinking of imaginary ideas which no one would help me achieve them. If you want to learn the hard way, be surpeme and chase those who open their hearts and souls for you. My… My, you will notice the world is too small and life is too short to create enmity. And as a point of correction, I’m just a king now.

4. Enemies.

Even in the seas, the sharks hardly point their beaks to the whales, nor the whales spare and school of fish that block their paths. Like a lesson in class you are not expected to score to the last but save the best and let the worst teach you a lesson. It’s good to have enemies, what is not good, is to have enemies who never add value to your life. Enemies are meant to bring our spirits back to track and motivate us to push everyday forward. If you live in this world and think you have no enemies, my dear friend, pull your noes, you’re the dumbest.

5. Money.

Life is sacred, pure and holy. But we cannot not live in times of Pontious pilate, since no thirty silvers can save life at this age. Today, the world is defined, interpreted and explained in terms of currencies. To live my life, I cannot do without money. Let’s not cheat ourselves, money is close to everything except God. If you don’t have it, you need to raise yourself and work to earn it. Besides, how can you have Friends, enemies, Love, respect and everything else if you lack finance? It’s all about money. But you also don’t need to have money to show that you are rich. At times, wealth is measured in terms of respect, discipline and how best you can relate with others. But don’t also live like a beggar….

Well, these are just but a few but main me. If you want to know what you can’t live without, there’s no secret to that, just wake up in the middle of the night and you will also think out well. And don’t forget to thank me.

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