The journey within Meditation

“The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” – Caroline Myss

“Nyagah! Please read the next paragraph.” I jolted back to reality and swept my eyes across the room. Familiar grins and smiles were spread on the faces of my classmates and I knew once again – totally oblivious of the next paragraph to be read – I had been busted dwelling in a period of absent mindedness.

“You must be dreaming of lunch I say,” added my sweet and understanding English teacher. In reality, I wasn’t. I was in a deep simplified peace that I so often slipped into when we went out into the school’s lush gardens on the rare occasion we did so during literature lessons. The weather conditions were perfect and the air was so pure. The multihued flowers seemed to accelerate the pace of my decent into this trance – like moment that seemed infinite.

These were my earlier encounters of the rarefied meditative experience back in high school. Even though I had no clue about what I had been experiencing, I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling and I frequently combated how to trigger the process often, as well as sustaining the elevated awareness for long periods of time. Fast forward a year after high school, I totally had forgotten about it, the world’s chaos and bustle invading my mind – up until the second of university would I have a repeat of this experience again.

This time however, it was fickle and drug infused. It lacked incision as compared to much earlier. It was after puffing dope, which relaxed my nerves and stilled my mind, that I was able attempt single minded concentration. Months later after a dogged determination to quit grass, I had a breakthrough. Using combinations I learnt from You Tube as well as advice from regular and seasoned practitioners of meditation. I decided to give it a try on a sober and clear head on fine morning.

Just after waking up, I lay still with my eyes wide open. I made sure I was comfortably lain on my back and I proceeded to pick an object to lock in my concentration to enhance focus. With that done, I tapped into a breathing routine I had developed; taking a deep breath in to the point that my tummy made a dome shape outwards then releasing my breath slowly, consciously and then repeating the same. I also began inwardly feeling the tips of my fingers and toes just to get a feel of of my body senses which responded with a tingling sensation. My ears began to pick distant sounds – the sound of cars wheezing past, the conversations of my cousins downstairs, the cheerful chirps of the birds by the hedge outside. A few moments by, I let go of the routinely actions and lay there, staring at the ceiling.

I experienced a familiar calm that dawned on me sending a spectacular feeling across my body. My heartbeat slowed down and I felt like staying there forever. It felt better and I was in control. This is just a fraction of the experience I have numerous times meditating. Some days they are blissful, some days its just plain and simple. Should I miss a day without meditating, something in me would feel remiss; as if I had gone a whole day without a sip of water, a certain thirst for clarity and calmness.

Personally, meditation has impacted my life greatly. Not only am I looking forward to the process, I am enjoying it and I am always trying to stretch the time under which I focus and let go. It has also greatly reduced my mind chatter and calmed the self destructing chaos. Recently, I have been combining it with visualization – the act of visualizing how you wish you day would be. The synergistic combination has given me a purposeful mind and I have a charged body ready to accomplish my tasks with passion and a binding commitment.

I have also had great success in taming my anger and a whole host of negative emotions that so often propped up leaving me enervated. I am more aware of my feelings and thoughts and what to do feel happy and productive during low times. Meditation has taught me how to be patient and preternaturally calm – an effect of single minded concentration: I feel more gratified and satisfied every passing day. It is immense, practical and congruent to other activities such as; prayer, enhancing psychic and intuitive abilities, receptivity as well as healing from a spiritual level. I tap into it during walks and exercises to abound my focus and spark intrinsic conversations. I also use it to keep my calm just before hectic periods of my life. Its boosted my powers of recall with more and more memories of childhood becoming apparent everyday. A cornucopia of benefits it holds

I strongly urge anyone reading this to give meditation a shot. It is not a Hindu invention or a convoluted mystery. You just have to start, be patient, constantly refine it and be dedicated and you will feel the beauty of it. Shalom

story told by Joseph Nyagah

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