The don’ts of a campus guy

      The don’ts of a campus guy

If you happen to fall under this category: you don’t own a car, don’t do uber regularly, you don’t storm high-end supermarkets each weekend to replenish your clothing, and mysteriously happen to have a chic who purports to love you (and you love her too). Don’t let that girl go. If anything, cling onto her, hug her tightly, pull her closer and whisper into her left ear “babe, I’ll never let you go.” Yeah, do that, cause if she can stick with you through such hell, she’s a treasure.

Juzi I asked a friend what’s his talent and he looked me in the eye and blurted, “Mimi hata sina talent.” Really, let me just put this here, nobody doesn’t have a talent. Talent is discovered. (Well, I’m no motivational speaker, neither do I write inspirational stuff but gotta put this here.) Find out that thing you love doing and that involves your mind and body bana. And do it. Oh! And talent is developed btw. As much as it’s your talent, you’ll have to nature it, water it, weed it, and tend it. Leave this out: watching movies January to December is not a talent unless you wanna be a director/ script writer and are already shooting a couple of your own videos. You’ll not lie in your bed Monday to Sunday doing nothing constructive and later come to tell us you don’t have a talent. Sawa?

To hunnies, if a guy gains the courage to approach you and declare his undying love for you, don’t do that silly thing you call ‘playing hard to get.’ Nobody wants to waste his precious time on a project unlikely to bear fruits. Nobody wants to look needy and desperate. If you feel that guy, let him know. Telling him to give you time to make your choice is much more simpler than giving him blueticks and silently expecting him to struggle chasing you. The bunch of men we have today are not the type to follow you around like mosquitoes. They’ll take off after the first three futile attempts and you’ll never see them again. Next time you’ll hear they’re dating your friend and will start hating. And I’ll be here to ask you who to blame.

And for the men in the house, if she doesn’t like your vibe, accept and move on bana. In fact, the moment she says NO, convene a celebration meeting, call us and let’s drown in liquor and celebrate. It’s never a matter of life and death.

Don’t kill yourself hiring suits and cars ati to impress her. If the cars, expensive high-end treats, and a fake instagram lifestyle are what impresses her then you know that’s not the kind of girl your dad could advise you to have. Secondly, if you don’t have money then leave that girl alone. Don’t camp in our inboxes begging for soft loans to take her out, sijui to buy her that gold-plated ring, etc. Don’t. Your wallet isn’t heavy enough to afford her? Simple, wachana na yeye!

Because you are the only person that knows everything about you, it makes no sense joining campus and trying to copy everyone’s lifestyle. You have your life and they have theirs. If you’ve not been smoking weed and choose to start, find other reasons for starting other than wanting to fit in the circle of your news friends. Cause you see, just like every other thing, weed is good as long as you have the right reasons for smoking it.

Aye? Are we together?

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Kevin Ojiambo July 14, 2018 at 7:34 pm

I feel it bro 😂😂

    Achman July 14, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    Let it sink 😂😂

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