She’s in labor! Mkunga performs some few rituals then followed by ululations, it’s a boy and a girl!

Word immediately spreads to the father and the whole village, a warrior is born! A predecessor! A leader! The mother is praised, receives gifts for a job well done, of course, “ameleta dume kwa boma” in short, it’s a big deal to the society.

What of her?

Her destiny is foretold, she’s an asset. Her days in the homestead are numbered, shorter than the caterpillar’s metamorphosis. She only needs to learn some few house chores, circumcised then married to chief Keef. She’s undermined, she belongs to the kitchen, her ideas never matter and will never step to school instead procreate and watch over the husband.

She couldn’t cope up with the status quo so she runs off a day before her forced wedding to try out the western culture but finds no difference, men are still superior. She can’t go back home for she’s disowned, how could she dare change something that she found already existing?

Young, beautiful but no academic experience in a harsh westernized world, tries to find a way to survive, with no second thoughts, she finds herself at the cold streets of Koinange trying to lure some married men for quick cash. She wants to be like the rest of modernized females, owe an apartment, drive that Land Rover discovery, gets kids and live happily ever after.

The pressure is too much, less money, more work plus she can’t keep up with the kanjos, she decides to go a step extra; find a companion

She’s so desperate for her minute of fame, men shower her with compliments and make her believe she is unique. Some go ahead and inbox her for her number. And you know what, since her esteem is too low, she believes all the gestures as genuine. Before she knows it, the guys are in her pants and out of her life faster than she can shout “I’m no feminist!”

She’s in a dog-eat-dog society, where men pretend to have a decency of not sleeping with a woman they don’t intend to marry but very misanthropes with libido problems that she ends up chasing sponsors instead.

Older men, about his father’s age starts dropping her each day regardless of the ‘mama mboga’ talks, she becomes addicted to uber,, regular social media user, use Brazilian wigs, keep long nails, flat tummy goals, use expensive phones etc. she has to fake it to become that wannabe!

All she wants is a better life for her next generation but society expects her to present herself in thin packages that is manageable. That’s not what she wants; to be judged by gender, clothing or layers of make-up.

…but that’s not what she gets.

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