Relocating to a new house

How does sharing a room with two more people feel, you ask? Well, it doesn’t feel anything. But it’s both fun and boring (as you are about to see), depending on where you stand.

So recently, we all decided to ditch our bedsitters for this new urbane, classy, magnificent apartment. But you see, the problem is not the three of us abandoning the bloody bedsitters, the problem is having a fly super-gorgeous hunny share the same space with two energetic jamaas.

We’ve been together for almost a week now. I know things are still rosy here because we are all still pretending and studying each other. Like sometimes this hunny (Miriam) will take her time making kick ass pancakes, and the moment that scent hits our noses, we will all abandon whatever we were doing in our individual rooms and throng to the sitting room. She’ll be perplexed to walk into the main room with the tasty food and find us there ‘busy’ on our laptops. Back to our rooms, I’ll text Ted “Hata hizo pancake zake si tamu nkt.” 30 seconds later ,message from Ted, “Boss, stop hating.”

Sharing a roof calls for rules. The first rule under this roof is everybody is supposed to provide lunch for themselves. The second rule is ‘your day is your day’ – if it’s your day to prepare supper it’s still your duty to do the dishes after the meal. I was the guy behind the second rule btw, knowing very well I loathe scrubbing sufurias and other utensils, I couldn’t stand cleaning the whole kitchen after somebody messes up everything in the name of preparing supper. And that helps me, when it’s my duty to cook, trust me I use the least number of utensils as possible. Another rule, when you bring in your guy or girl, you need to go about your business gently, don’t be so rough to the point of waking up the whole building dead in the night. We have better things to do than stay up the whole night listening to moans emanating from your room.

Sad thing! This hunny doesn’t even like me – juzi I wore my best designer suit and stepped in the sitting room where she was watching telly but she didn’t even compliment my looks in the new beautiful attire. I felt bad. I wanted to shut down that machine and ask her “Nakaa aje?” Of course she’d have confessed that I look hot and I’d have bounced out of that house so proud.

Anyway, the good thing with the new house (Creatives Kenya) is that it’s more spacious than our previous bedsitters (WordPress blogs). Hahahaha. That means you’ll always find one of us here in case you need any aid or anything. While Miriam and Ted will be offering pieces of advise and giving you everything meaningful, I’ll always be seated in this corner waiting to tell you how I really loved some hunny but ended up in the friend zone and now she calls me bro, how I believe any hunny with no skills of making fine chapattis should have been deported to Burundi long ago, among other things.

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Thrusyl May 11, 2018 at 2:18 pm

This is amazing. But Teddy never hates pancakes… We’ve got a beef to handle

creatives_kenya May 11, 2018 at 5:01 pm

Hahaha depends which beef we talking about here… If it’s beef the stew hapo si ni sawa tu?

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