My love, my neighbor screams at night 

Dear Mrs Achman, my love.

If I were to see you each passing day I wouldn’t even need food. The old man that said ‘pesa ni sabuni ya roho’ lied, it’s supposed to be ‘Mapenzi ni Sabuni ya Roho.’ I swear. Laying my eyes on you would just be enough, any day, any time, all the time.

Last night I dreamt about us. That we went out for a treat. And when the waiter walked to our table with the bill in hand, you seated across the table, me gazing at you and not getting enough of you. Constantly exchanging smiles. You shying away and telling me to stop. That when I was reaching for my back pocket to get out the wallet and settle the bills, you waved at me to stop and instead, you turned to the waiter now standing on your right in a black suit and white shirt, smiled at him, dragged that glass to your side and looked at the bill again, then sunk into your clutch, came out with a good number of brownies and handed the money to him. That was so sweet.

The way that waiter walked away wishing he was me! You don’t know. Even that other couple the next table that spent the remaining time eyes fixed on us just wished they were us. That boy in particular envied me.

Then I stood, walked to you, stood by your back, bent over and kissed your silvery brown neck, then – with my arms, I brought you to your feet, pulled your chair back and when we were just starting to walk out of that eatery, screams woke me up. I tried to catch sleep again so the dream continues but where? I cursed that neighbor. Could you by any chance be knowing what happened to us next? I hated that neighbor last night. He screams most nights though. But I didn’t like it last night, I don’t like people interrupting our fine moments. I don’t.

About the neighbor and his wailing dead in the night?

Story goes that there’s a girl he sometime back made pregnant, but when the girl came out to say the two months pregnancy was work of his own hands, guy rebuked the devil out of her. Sources say he even came close to saying he didn’t know her. And what was the result? Depression. Guy happened to be her first love so she’d loved him immeasurably. She’d poured out all she had to him. So when the guy denied his own work (or their own work), she resolved to try out how goats feel when it’s around Christmas and knives are doing the best they can on flesh. Only this time round, she decided to take up the goat’s role.

Neighbors would later here screams from her house, but are people to take screams for anything serious in this city? Only for them to find out later that she’d knifed herself and bled profusely. On the way to the nearest hospital, she breathed her last and, together with the young one in the womb, they passed on.

So it’s speculated that the girl and work of his own hands might be haunting him. That that’s why he screams often at night. Cause the girl also stabbed herself at night anyway.

But you see what, my love. Me I can not do that. Me I love you and will stick with you through pain and happiness. Hope you listened to the song I dedicated to you last time.

See youuuuuu.

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Achman is a Co founder - Creatives Kenya. Studied journalism and does a gazillion things. In descent places people know him as George Achoka. Email Get him on Twitte here:

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