Indebted to the bone

@massuleaks (where the truth is sweetly told) Indebted to the bone.

A senior comrade is in danger of being auctioned to pay off a string debts that he has accumulated to the tune of a few hundred thousand shillings. The man of style owes at least forty comrades money that he has borrowed from in a period stretching over two and a half years.

Donning some of the trendiest designs in town, many could pass him for the wealthiest comrade around. Little do they know ‘Mr bling’ is no richer than the average mmu baboon. In the past, some lenders have sold his household goods in Rongai to recover their money.

However, ‘Mr bling’ has always found a way to borrow from elsewhere to replace them. This has added to his aura of wealth with his friends thinking he is so rich to the extent of replacing household goods at will. And he has a sweet mouth as they say. When he borrows, your chances of denying him a debt are almost nil.

‘Mr bling’ comes up with pregnant reasons why you should just give him some ten thousand Bob. And so, for the man he is, he only borrows huge amounts, say your school fee, your HELB disbursement, etc. An amount commensurate to the cost of the shoes he’s putting on. This writer is under pressure from the lenders to publish Mr bling’s name, a move massuleaks cannot take since it would be to the victim’s great disadvantag.

By Massu Anthony.

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