I’m Available

I know, cliché, right?

Exchange details, pretend I care,

Neither is a night-stand in a boiling January,

Nor that dusty, morning walk of shame.


Stay, red February awaits,

Avoid ‘singles shot on sight’ and ‘men are trash’ vibe by yours lovely 14th

Promise, I will to super rugby and football,

Let’s talk about us and the roses, maintain that shy look for the night,

But shhh…! Should be sensational, consider it an early birthday gift.


Make me coffee in the cold July as we Netflix and chill,

Oh! Joo-li, right? I hope I pronounced it correctly this time,

Kiss bye to mosquito tempo,

Hello to the warmth and the taste of your moist lips,

(Yo girl! Wat de mouth do!)


Then, no shave November, could be ‘no condom too’,

Still here, caressing thy beard, scrolling on black Friday offers,

And oh! Look, it’s your birthday,

To be continued…


Namaste December! I got a family!

Thank Santa for you,

Get the awaited societal blessings,

For then you’ll be my last and first meal of the year.

I think inside the box 📦


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