How to define the real you

Recently. I was involved in a peace building and how to cut the rate of poverty spread in Kenya and Africa discussion. This would then turn out to be the starting point of a new chapter in how I relate with people.
The world has two categories of people, what the literates and the diplomats would call, Class: The rich and the poor. However, the interpretation of who those two people are has been equivalently related to how much wealth they can claim and own.
In the contrary, I have come to learn that people no longer classify the rich as those with more notes in the bank. Spiritually, it has become the; how much generosity and kindness you offer for free.
As wisdom is acquired, the power to distinguish and define the strength that one has on him/ or herself lies within the way he approaches and solves problems. The way we treat people in the society is just the same way they will call our names in public.
But the difference is this, no matter how many times you offer positive vibes, people will always judge the person in you that you fear to be. Very few people will always remind you of the ordinary person that you rarely are.
However, doing good to people does not necessarily call for a pay or compliments. You should understand that the only person you have to please is yourself and in limited chances, your trustees. Avoid punishing the real you by not appreciating yourself and instead, deliver like you’ll never get another opportunity.
Finally, you have to believe, at least, build in you the guilt to cast your burden to God. At times, faith changes the impossibilities.

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