Between the sheets

Your sister was a liar! She used me the same way Vera used Otile but lucky me I don’t regret although it hurt. Yeah, it hurt more than Raila’s betrayal to NASA  and with fact that I had to wake every morning with a different clande made me almost commit suicide. Well, I was cautioned about her before but I went ahead to judge the book by its cover, like seriously, what more worse could a staunch Christian do?

Truth is, she was a whore covered in a sheep’s skin! By day, she led the congregation through praise and worship melodies at the church pulpit, first to ask sinners to repent, quote Bible verses, pay her tithe but by night, a walking fiend, even more daring than the devil himself.

Don’t blame me, I knew her better by the day, she was my “siku njema…” The once ‘mother of my children’ before she started being dropped to her place by different German machines, before I caught her, pants down fucking her best friend despite the sex curfew in the name of ‘Christianity and sex’, before she started attending more fake ‘keshas’ than usual, before she realised she would later be a sex disciple wandering around the cold night street of Koinange for money and sex pleasures.

I see her, smell her fragrance, miss and still think about her every time my clique and I drive past that street for a weekend getaway, she hasn’t changed a bit, still beautiful, her figure still perfect as that of a wasp with a killer Mona Lisa smile. Everything about her is still near perfection apart from her secret and lies and  for I hear she offers services to elite government clients within the city now (words from the street).

I was busy chasing the wind, I tried to mine gold but in the process ended up digging my own grave for love. I thought I had found my ‘perfect match’,  my rib,  my ride or die partner who is God faring, righteous, kind and loving only to end up dating a devil while the angel was just right beside me all this time.

All the dates, orgasms, moans, love texts and late night phone calls meant nothing! She outsmarted me, I didn’t see any of her lies coming. I realized I knew nothing about her let alone her birthday, everything she fed me with was all lies.

It’s too late, you settled now, please be a good wife to him, be nothing less than your sister, cherish him, love him dearly, be the opposite and instead of lies, feed him with truthfulness. It still works.




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