A one night-stand
Have you had of stories on how people met their first loves? And how they fell in relationships with them? I believe you do. But what you miss out is how these two souls met each other and ended being a happily married couple thereafter.

I won’t keep you in the dark, I am an example of a love that happened by accident and led to a happy relationship; not yet married though, (but it’ll reach there). This is how it happened:

One afternoon after classes, I was in campus and I had various campus sisters who would often come to visit whenever classes ended. This afternoon I had a class but since I had a full stomach with the kind of sun that was burning, I decided to take a nap and maintain indoors because I knew my “sisters” would come. Surely they do, but how this time?

In their company was a lady, in her early 20s, she was kinda chocolate, dressed in totally black dress, natural hair, lovely eyes and beautiful face. She had red lips, and a tender skin. May be, I was a cheating buddy and her appearance made me attracted to her. She was cool and spoke less and whatever she spoke made sense and had a dramatic impact.

Being the “philosophical” young man, I fell in love with how she would humbly contribute and argue her ways whenever she was challenged. Right there, I would text with my sisters that the lady in their company was a super, beautiful being and quickly inquired whether she was dating- the answer, yes!! And that didn’t scare me. I was a man of principles and at least having her as a best friend would not cost me but comfort my feelings.

To cut the story short, we exchanged contacts and addresses before she left. During that week, I felt a different man in me. Not that I didn’t have a girlfriend, but the new friend I had found had triggered my enthusiastic feelings by milestones. We conversed over texts and once in a while a goodnight-call would make.

It was less than a week when I invited her to my place for a movie. Since I had inquired on text what kind of films she watches, I ensured that I had gathered enough of horror movies. And the Thursday afternoon came after she was done with the weekly classes. I was amazed that she kept her word and came. We did a series of movies including ‘The Mist’ and ‘The Hunters’. She loved it.

Before we would realize, it was late and darkness was closing. I asked her to stay for the night and she was inconveniently not for it. I knew the way to trap her and at least extend the sweet company would be by initiating another movie. She agreed but could not manage and by the time the movie ended, she was way asleep.

I would take “good care” of her for the night and she would play a pretty good girl. She was hard to catch and hard to resist… I asked and asked…lol…and she said… “NO!”The night became long and by the time she said yes, I was sweating and feeling embarrassed.

Little did I know that the night would lead to a later fruitful and beautiful relationship? If I had not asked her for the movie night, I would not have become the lucky guy. It was an accident when we had the moment of the night but it would then follow for ages and may be forever.

Guys of my age have been asking of how I met my girlfriend, it’s simple, we had a “one-night-stand!!” and we fell in love thereafter. You must not know someone for long to start dating them, sometimes; accidents come with sweet dreams and benefits.

Another question guys have asked is how I manage my work, studies and relationship considering my age. My free advice? I am not a jealous boyfriend. If I never understood what my girlfriend was and kept listening to what my friends had to say about our relationship, then I would never think of writing this post.

A relationship in my view and context is too much of trust and perseverance. We do not pay each other to fall in love or to trust and be faithful to each other. It is upon us to understand the burden of care we owe each other.

Starting a new relationship is costly, not with money: it has ingredients that are priceless and are only generated through the amount of feelings that two people in a relationship can have. These include: Respect and Trust.

Therefore, the truth is, very few people own this. Never regret and admire someone else’s relationship. We decided to do it our way and now, yes, I am young, but powerlessly believe in myself and have a peaceful, beautiful life.

Now you, build your own empire, build your own cast and become the person that people would want to be. Love your way, but don’t love to measure and to win, love to love.

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