A letter to my girlfriend’s sponsor

Hello? Ops! Sorry, shikamoo? Your vigor, are you still on those diabetic and pressure drugs? What of your wife and kids, I think I saw them today on that familiar Land Rover, they seemed happy, ARE THEY?

Don’t worry, I’m not snitch and why would I be, you warned me remember? I don’t want to get stiches or end up with an ‘RIP’ epitaph.

So, where precisely are you reading this from? I need to know my bounds, oh lemme guess, she’s there by your bed side, right? Hypothetically, how many seconds did you last this time? Is she ok? What have you promised her? Did you use protection? For how long are you planning to keep her there?

I discern we are on dissimilar lanes, your place in this society is ordained, money, cars, extravagant mansion, decent career, abundant of investments and most decisively, a devoted family. What about me, what do I have?

You took the one thing that I had for cheap labor. You made her a toy. I know you are familiar with toys; they are helpless creatures, never question, very humble and often misused because it’s never one. And have you told her that she’s not also the only one?

Who are going to see next after you uber her back? Your wife or one of your other mistresses?

Well guess what, I appreciate you for giving her that city lifestyle, for making her that dream girl she ever wanted to be; driving her own car by age 25. Congratulations!! You fulfilled her dream but the thing you forgot is that, money doesn’t fulfill dreams, it just worsen your dreams.

I’m positive!

(I wish I could see your face’s reactions while saying it).

Hey fat man, come back to reality! What are thinking of? I thought it was fun having mistresses around? Are you staring at her? Do you want to strangle her? Can money save you now? Please don’t forget to pay the five star hotel room.

You have money, right? Solve this one! Start by her, I was to tell her three weeks ago but you know, she was somewhere trying to teach an old dog new tricks then head straight to your wife for I can tell you this for free, I used to have mine raw just like you.

One last thing, we broke up few hours before she came for the ‘room service’ and thank you for the previous bribes.
To conclude, assume I never exist.

Yours sincerely,
Her ex-boyfriend.

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I think inside the box 📦

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Miriel Kanani June 6, 2018 at 9:10 pm

because its Wednesday 💯👌💯👌

Florah June 7, 2018 at 9:20 am

🤗🤗🤗🤗 hugs bruv. Funny at the same time full of emotions

Fideh June 9, 2018 at 10:01 pm

I love the piece….you are really talented..

Joseph June 13, 2018 at 1:12 am

Ooh my God, Oj I never saw this coming what the hell ? I shared this to all my WhatsApp friends and you should have just seen the feedback in my inbox.

Someone said this is so emotional and yes it’s.

So what happens to the sponsor now that may be he has contracted AIDS or wherever Positive means? What about your so called girlfriend now ex girlfriend?


Waiting this Wednesday for more?

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