A reason to love again

This is definitely a heart break, a very hurtful one, why? Because it’s still hard for you to believe, you are Thomas! You can’t believe that just the other day  you were laughing out loud, having those pillow fights, posting half your faces on social media, promoting KFC, Java and Chicken inn on your social media accounts, going to the gym together, having love walks, made each other priorities, uploaded love quotes to annoy the singles then BOOM! He turns out to be an enemy!

No more movie nights, no more Churchill dates, no more Netflix and chilling, no more uber, no more “I love you too babe” texts, instead you join the likes of Ngilu, Karua and Waiguru, “strong and independent women who are married to church!”

But too bad, you are  neither in politics nor rich instead just a city wannabe who posted videos and photos of every club you went, what you drunk, when you was bored, each place you visited, your  new outfits etc. just to brag and make the rest look like we are not serious with life.

On the real world, it’s your jealous friends’ turn to rejoice your sorrow, yes those ones who never want to see your life move straight, the ones that kept saying or commenting below every photo of you two with, “you guys look good as a couple” type of comments. They now never get bored since you pamper them with online drama and inspiration quotes each minute on status while they return the favor through viewership and pretend like nothing is going on for they fear not be the next on status with “please mind your own fucking  businesses” captions.

Reality now hits you harder, like, why is no one caring anymore? Which leads you to conclude that all men are dogs, but deep deep down you know it’s not true.

You start wondering why you never gave that “fuckboy” or that sponsor who until now is still begging a chance. You are back to zero, someone who once was a queen now reduced to a servant!

I know it’s hard and painful, for you it’s like Mungu ameufunga mlango yako akautupa ufunguo mbali kusikofikika, but how you’ll fight it determines your rise again.

It’s start with you, first, accept, umeachwa! You can’t change that, I know he might have promised you the moon, a ring, introduce you to his parents and friends na kadhalika kind of stuff, it has not worked, it’s not the end of the world, life has to move on madam! Have self control, take your time, look for that inner peace before you rush into an irrational decision since posting inspiration quotes will not help neither will that rebound sex. It worsens and gives us, the ever curious society something to talk of.

Madam Chanukah! There’s life beyond “bora uhai!”

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