New warthog fashion causes scare


   New warthog fashion causes scare.

Away from overdone slayqueen makeup, Multimedia university was treated to rare Nat Geo drama after a new ‘breed’ of soot-black warthogs invaded the compound. The visitors turned out to be the normal beasts who had decided to take a nap at the Chafua charcoal dump waking up in a new coat of paint.


The other beasts, sensing danger, started running away as the braver ones charged at them thinking they were visitors. KWS officers were alerted and promised to procure wildlife cleaning implements to uphold animal cohesion and unity. They termed the sleep painting as unfortunate and called for better disposal methods for kitchen waste, citing reduction in breeding trends as a probable effect.


The human-wildlife conflict at the institution is at optimum with increasing calls to stem the interference of wildlife into human affairs. Relocation of the said baboons and warthogs is an option yet to be undertaken. But from our side, bora uhai!

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polly August 1, 2018 at 7:55 pm

wow.i saw them too😂😂😂

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